A man managed to catch an alligator in a trash can

A man managed to catch an alligator in a trash can

Eugene is only 26 years old.

It was an ordinary day, but the children informed Bozzi that there was a real alligator in the backyard of the family home. At first, Eugene thought he was encountering a small reptile, but he found an adult.

Eugene understood that he had to protect not only his own children, but also his neighbors, who were also in danger. So Eugene took what was at hand. He armed himself with a trash can, put it in front of him and charged at the alligator.

The trash can probably frightened the animal, as it began to back away quickly, although it tried to defend itself by opening its jaws.

But Eugene was determined and didn’t stop: he continued forward and in an instant released the lid of the container, which accidentally hit the alligator in the head and probably disoriented it for a few seconds.

The reptile ended up in the trash. He said he didn’t think what he did was brave or special. He just made the right decision and did what he thought was right in such a dangerous situation. he used a trash can to imitate the enormous mouth of a hippopotamus.

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