The cat returned after three weeks: here’s what happened

The cat returned after three weeks: here’s what happened

A cat named Fran was 16 years old when she disappeared. The cat’s owners, Rae and her husband Joe, spent several days searching the area.

Their hope of finding the animal abandoned them when they found the corpse of a gray, fluffy cat on the side of the road. Since the animal was badly damaged in a collision with a car, it was simply impossible to determine with certainty that it was Fran.

But the external resemblance convinced them that it was their mustachioed friend they had found. The family was incredibly saddened by this event. The loss of their animal was particularly difficult for the children, Rémy, seven years old, and Théa, ten years old.

To alleviate the suffering of the little ones, the parents decided to organize a real funeral ceremony to pay tribute to their animal. They were scared and surprised when the cat returned home after 22 days, alive and well. Joe was the first to hear the cat’s meow.

Frankie didn’t look very well, he was dirty and his long gray hair was matted in places. The cat was therefore immediately taken to the veterinarian. It remains unclear where Freni was during this time, or whether anyone cared for him.

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