Man Calls Off Wedding After Fiancee Does Something Terrible To His Dog

Man Calls Off Wedding After Fiancee Does Something Terrible To His Dog

When an anonymous man shared this story on Reddit, the internet split in two.

Some think he did the right thing, others think he is exaggerating.

He explained that he had been with his fiancée for almost four years, but had a 7-year-old lab mix for much longer.

He described his four-legged friend as “the biggest dog that ever lived.”

The trouble started when his fiancée decided to throw a bachelorette party at the couple’s house.

The man stayed with his parents, but agreed to leave the dog at home because his fiancée was happy to have the puppy with him.

However, he established the following rules: Bring your dog into the room as soon as the party starts. But her fiancé didn’t do that.

Instead, she let her dog roam free as she and all her friends grew increasingly drunk.

In other words, no one was responsible for taking care of your dog or stopping you from eating bar after bar of alcoholic chocolate.

Chocolate is very toxic to dogs. In fact, it’s toxic. Ingesting even small amounts can cause serious health problems, including organ failure.

If your dog has eaten human chocolate, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Fortunately, the dog survived. However, the couple did not do so. “When I got home, I told my fiancée to pack her bags and leave the house and life.

I told him to tell the guests that the wedding was not going to happen. » was shocked, but picked up his luggage and left.

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