A dog who never had a bed before finally fell asleep

A dog who never had a bed before finally fell asleep

This poor dog only slept in a cold corner or garage his entire life and had no other comfortable place to sleep or rest.

He was eventually helped by the Country Roads Animal Rescue Society. The poor animal even gave birth to babies in these conditions.

Fortunately, after being rescued, he was taken to a foster home where he learned what it meant to be loved or cared for. After a long time, he finally hoped that everything would be okay.

The dog was named Sundae who was a very gentle dog and behaved very well around the house. This friendly dog’s caring mother gave him a special name because he thought it matched his gentleness.

But at first the dog was very shy and cowardly. But when his mother gave the dog a comfortable seat, he started approaching the owner. Unfortunately, she had health problems and needed medical attention.

Several foster homes have adopted his children, and Sunde now hopes to find a suitable family to love him.

He likes to sleep in his bed and his family should have a very calm life and a lot of patience to help him get out of his shell and gain confidence.

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