The most beautiful horse in the world

The most beautiful horse in the world

The title of the most beautiful horse, Friedrich, is worn unofficially,

for lack of a jury and a suitable nomination, but this does not prevent people from giving him proud nicknames and even being jealous of him for his beauty .

The world only recently knew Friedrich, although this beautiful filly is already 16 years old.

It’s not that he was hiding, let’s just say that his owner, Stacey, was waiting for the moment when her pet would be in the best possible shape.

This is manifested in a multitude of details, from the musculature to the shiny, shimmering skin, including the length of the mane and the expression of the eyes.

An interesting fact is that Friedrich has been a favorite of the public before, but only of those who respect horses and come to see different shows.

The greatest pleasure of the ambitious stallion: being in the spotlight of the crowd and listening to the enthusiastic voices.

Friedrich may not become a breeding stallion, but he already has the first foals.

They are quite small, but it is already obvious that the father’s genotype has successfully taken root in the new horses and they will be almost as beautiful.

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