I can’t believe what this farmer discovered after a storm

I can’t believe what this farmer discovered after a storm

These are the remains of an ancient civilization, several millennia old, which the violent gust of wind brought to light.

Named Skara Brae, the village whose remains were discovered is believed to be more than 5,000 years old. Predating the pyramids of Egypt, the ruins were found in perfect condition.

Protected for 5 millennia by the dunes, the site has been preserved from degradation due to the wear and tear of time.

Eight houses in perfect condition emerge from the ground allowing archaeologists to estimate the population of the village colonized between 3,180 and 2,500 BC.

Between 50 and 100 inhabitants lived in what became the oldest village in Great Britain. Thanks to this fortuitous discovery, the researchers were able to obtain new information on the manners and the culture of this old time.

The archaeologists also discovered shelves and sorts of waterproof containers that could have been used to preserve fish, as well as furniture in perfect condition.

Surprisingly, the beds found in these lodgings were always in pairs, with the first larger than the second.

Equipped with their own toilets and a sewage disposal system, the houses are proof that this civilization was technically very advanced.

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