The cutest baby gets the best hugs from his three Goldendoodles in this unbelievable child-animal friendship.

Especially when it comes to large dogs, it is typical for parents to worry about their pet sharing their new baby. However, it frequently occurs for animals to remain in the family and develop into devoted companions, watchdogs, and protectors of the child. Children who make animal friends occasionally become Internet stars, and photos shared online by young parents in these circumstances frequently receive positive feedback.

In this particular instance, an amazing plush toy has helped a 6-month-old baby boy gain a lot of social media popularity. Even the hardest hearts are softened by a touching image of him cuddling up to his adorable stuffed friend while dozing off. There are three magnificent Golden Doodles in this family, which is a fairly large dog breed.

In some cases, parents enjoy themselves because they believe the dogs are treating their child like a puppy. Later on, he finds that they make excellent companions and babysitters.

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